Voting Process

Entry Rules & Regulations.
 1. Anyone can register in  one of the two categories.a) Professional Cinematographer b) Other Professions.

 2. If you are not a professional cinematographer and have registered in the category of “Other Profession” You are eligible to vote in only two categories.There will be only one round of voting for this category.  a.) Popular DSLR / Mirrorless Camera  having Cine Feature b) Wedding Cinematography  Company of the year .     

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      3. There is no entry fee for sending the entry, except for the 5 categories for the Corporate Sector.     

4. Films considered for voting will be those released between  15th Aug 2022 - 14th Aug 2023 .

5. If you are a Professional Cinematographer, you are entitled to vote in all categories .     

6.It is the responsibility of a.) Individual Cinematographer b) Colorist c.) Vfx artist d.) camera Rental e.) equipment rental house  to send his entry. He is expected to check if his /her film is already listed by our admin.If it is already listed he doesn't need to send his entry.     

7. For an ad film,one cinematographer can send 2 entries of an ad film which he /she thinks need to be considered for voting for the ad films.Such restriction is not there for any other category .   

8. Deadline to receive nominations in various categories is alreday over , except for Corporate nomination for which last date is 28th Nov 2023.

9. Registration to vote has already started . Once you register at our website you will immediately -receive automatic system-generated response to acknowledge receipt of your registration at our website from the email-       -You are expected to check your spam mail also for the same ,in case mail lands up in your spam mail.       

10.Once  we verify  your credentials for the voting in -Professional Cinematographer category , you  will receive confirmation email from us in maximum 24 hours after submitting details from the email… as “ Thank you very much for registering to vote for the “Cinematography Art”  award. Please note that your credentials are verified and you are eligible for voting.” You are expected to check your spam mail also for the same ,in case mail lands up in your spam mail.   

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     11. First  round of  voting to choose 3 nominations will end on 28th Nov 2023  .You can vote as 1st Priority, 2nd priority, or 3rd priority. The first tick mark in each category list will be counted as the first priority; the second tick mark will be counted as the second; and the third tick mark will be counted as the third priority.Once you submit your votes for One Category, you can Choose to vote in another category. If you have committed a mistake in choosing the order, you can refresh your page, and cast the vote again, and submit. 

 12.The 5 member Jury will meet online  on 3rd Dec 2023  to verify the votes and finalize the 3 nominations in 11- category and also the winner in other categories . 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      13.Top 3 nominated films list will be declared on  4th Dec 2023 for 2nd round of voting    .

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        14. The 2nd and Final round of voting to choose the winner among 3 nominations will start from 4th Dec  -20th Dec 2023.The jury will meet on 23rd / 24th Dec 2023 to decide the final winners.       

15. Total 24 Winners and 2 other nominees in 10 categories will be invited on 14th Jan 2024 in Mumbai to receive the award .

16.Ther are 5 Corporate Nomination categories where any company can send their nomination for considering the award along with nomination fee.The Jury will have all the rights to reject any entry. There is NO  refund policy under any circumstance for rejected entries who submitted their nomination fee of Rs 11,000/- Including GST.
Young Business Man  Entrepreneur Award  for the Growth of Indian Cinematography  Industry 
Young Business  Women  Entrepreneur Award  for the Growth Indian Cinematography  Industry 
Pioneer  Cine Equipment Distribution Company of the Year 
SME   Cine Equipment Distribution Company of the Year
SME - Cine  Equipment  Manufacturing Company  of the Year 

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